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DisruptHealth Mission

“To support and nurture entrepreneurs who are reimagining health & care through technology”

We are disrupting the future of healthcare by supporting and funding healthcare startups by bringing together Startup Mentors, Industry experts, Angel Investors, Technology Gurus, Rockstar Entrepreneurs and Service providers who can help accelerate their growth exponentially.

DisruptHealth enables this through a close partnership between entrepreneurs and run through a structured program covering healthcare gaps and needs, sales and marketing, government relationships, HR practices, legal and contracts, term sheets and fund raising, organisational development and managing finances.

You learn from the experts. And from each other.

DisruptHealth Belief

“Success comes from surrounding great entrepreneurs with other great entrepreneurs & mentors”

Access to our expert network, a broad range of individuals representing the healthcare industry, technologists, and venture capitalists, as well as fellow portfolio entrepreneurs.

Disrupt Health also provides early stage startups with support on funding and dedicated support with our team, helping your company with fundraising, business/customer development, strategy, operating model/hiring, marketing and product launch support, and PR.

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