At Disrupt Health Accelerator Program, we prepare early-stage  healthcare ventures for strong market entry and high Sustainability

The 180 days long accelerator program is designed to help startups build, test, de-risk and scale their ideas and technologies. Through strategic partnerships with LEADING HOSPITALS, MEDICAL DEVICE MAKERS, INSURANCE FIRMS & PHARMA MANUFACTORERS, Disrupt Health supports entrepreneurs with the needed support across their company’s life-cycle.

The promising companies accepted to the Disrupt Health Accelerator  program range from startups in early stages of development to companies that are revenue positive. Success requires outreach, mentorship and investment. We match you with major corporate partners in the health market so you can develop your strategy and create relationships. We’re beyond being an accelerator, we’re a complete, life-long ecosystem with a specific vertical in health. Disrupt Health companies enjoy a rigorous schedule thoughtfully designed to provide the best opportunities to grow and further develop their products or services


Upon acceptance, founders work on a bespoke plan crafted by Disrupt Health to increase sales and scaling up the organisation. Our customized approach includes weekly/monthly meetings with mentors, partners and industry experts to hone all aspects of your business.



Startups in our program get access over 700+ Angel Investors with interest in early stage startups. We help you dramatically increase the size of network and provide you with a level of credibility that helps open doors.  Moreover we provide you with proven tactics to generate interest and close investors from your network as well as ours.



We host face-to-face events (demos, pitch events, startup showcases) with our partner network to build lasting relationships between startups and enterprise customers. We are building the largest health-focused network of payers, providers, hospital management systems, academic institutions, and pharmaceutical companies.

Application Process

Round 1 Application -

The online application has been designed to help us to get an idea of the size and stage of your company together with your products/services. We review hundreds of applications and successful applicants will be shortlisted for interview.

Head over to the online application form now to begin.

Round 2 Interviews -

If you get through round 1 you will be invited for an in-person or online interview depending on your location. Interviews will delves deeper into how your company and products offer value and gives us a better idea of whether we can work together.

Round 3 Final Selection -

Following interviews successful companies will be notified.