DisruptHealth is an early stage focused mentorship and business development driven accelerator for disruptive healthcare startups. We are committed to help scale startups and create successful entrepreneurs. We provide selected startups with seed funding, personal mentorship and monitor the outcome. We also work on the softer skills and areas that matter the most to help build teams, improve the emotional quotient and strive to create leaders. We provide an environment to enable peer learning by building communities of like minded people that empower the startups to scale greater heights.


Mission and Objectives Accelerate / Funding Indian healthcare Catalysing the next wave of growth

Disrupt Health is an innovation platform that is founded to identify and foster breakthrough ideas for healthcare innovation. Disrupt Health aims to move beyond incremental change and make an impact at a system-wide level. Disrupt Health is focused on supporting innovation and entrepreneurial growth for both large and emerging healthcare companies, focusing on the IT and Medical Device spaces. We aim to support the growth of emerging companies while also making it easier for large companies to innovate. Key to our success is the understanding that every organization, large and small, has its own unique set of goals, challenges and needs as it relates to innovation.

Disrupt Health is designed to help leaders and innovators from around India and the rest of the globe navigate the unique challenges of building a sustainable growth business in the healthcare sector. The program helps speed the growth and success of early-stage health IT companies giving access and advantages typically out-of-reach to healthcare startups. A hybrid model integrates traditional short-term accelerators’ mentoring programs and financing options with an incubators’ longer term working space- based programs.  The unique curriculum and peer networks are designed to help healthcare executives achieve 10x equity value for their businesses.